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Religious Leaders Post-1900

Andres Taul (1936-2018)

Religion and Branch: Christianity (Evangelical Lutheran)

Title: Archbishop

Andres Taul served the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELC) in various capacities throughout his life. Initially working as a pastor, he later rose to become a dean and eventually was consecrated as a bishop.

Taul was deeply involved in the life of the Lutheran Church in Estonia and played an essential role in its activities during the Soviet era and after Estonia regained its independence. His steadfast commitment to the Lutheran faith and leadership in the church contributed significantly to the revival and strengthening of Christian life and values in Estonia during a challenging period in the nation's history.




Andres Põder (1949 to Present)

Religion and Branch: Christianity (Evangelical Lutheran)

Title: Archbishop 

Andres Põder was ordained as a priest in 1976 and served as the Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELC) from 2005 to 2014. As the highest-ranking official of the EELC during his tenure, Põder played a significant role in guiding the spiritual and administrative direction of the church.

Põder's leadership spanned a period when Estonia, having regained independence from the Soviet Union, was navigating its cultural and spiritual identity in the context of a rapidly changing Europe. As archbishop, he worked to strengthen the church's role in Estonian society and to foster ecumenical relations with other Christian denominations both within Estonia and internationally.




Tiit Salumäe (1951 to Present)

Religion and Branch: Christianity (Evangelical Lutheran)

Title: Bishop

Tiit Salumäe has been an active cleric and leader in the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church. He was ordained as a minister in 1976 and has since then served in various parishes. He became the bishop of the Western and Northern Deaneries of the EELC.

Throughout his tenure, Bishop Salumäe has been a proponent of fostering good relations between different Christian denominations in Estonia and abroad. His leadership has been marked by efforts to both modernize the church's outreach and maintain its traditional values, ensuring that it remains relevant and supportive to its congregation in changing times. He is known for his commitment to the spiritual growth of the Lutheran community in Estonia and for his initiatives aimed at promoting Christian teachings and values in the wider Estonian society.



Mart Salumäe (1963 to Present)

Religion and Branch: Christianity (Evangelical Lutheran)

Title: Pastor, Dean

Mart Salumäe serves as pastor of St. Peter's Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Toronto and dean of the North American Deanery of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELC). He has played a crucial role in the spiritual guidance of the Lutheran community.

Furthermore, Salumäe has been involved in various initiatives that aim to foster the growth of the church, promote its teachings, and engage with the wider community. His contributions are part of the continued effort to strengthen the Lutheran church's role and presence.





Ildar Muhamedšin (1977 to Present)

Religion and Branch: Islam (Sunni)

Title: Imam

Imam Muhamedšin is a prominent figure in the Estonian Muslim community and serves as the chief imam of the Estonian Muslim community. He has played an essential role in promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding and has worked to counter extremist and radical ideologies.

Muhamedšin has also been involved in various charitable and humanitarian projects. He has worked to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination.




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